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Complete WordPress Management, from custom themes, child-themes and Plugins…to content creation, security monitoring and update management…you can have all your questions answered now.


Hi there, I’m not a Webmaster

WordPress Website Design & Development

I write code in at least 2 languages (almost) every day, and 4-5 languages on many days. I design in Photoshop and Illustrator….a lot….handle hosting and server management for clients, and basically, create and put online, websites for business all over the world.

Although I’m very good at what I do, knowing what I can’t do is what made me great at my job. I work with a group of Designers & Developers that are truly among the best in the industry. Webmaster was a good term for the job , but it’s not used now, 

About 15 years ago, you still called our job “Webmaster”
I’ll leave the monikers to others, while I build websites. 

Honing in on the details needed to create the website that you want, and need…that is what I do.

I utilize WordPress and it’s powerful features to build dynamic websites that just work. Webmaster? Maybe not, but certainly, I can handle most any task in my industry.

Experience Is What You Need

I know you have a lot to consider, and for many, most of what you are learning right now is confusing, with so many different options and a huge market of methods and people that are good at their jobs….I know you need some questions answered. 

  • I provide helpful answers
  • I provide feedback in a timely manner
  • I am skilled, efficient and fast
  • I provide high quality results
  • I love what I do!

Themes options alone can be staggering if you are trying to do it yourself, with many pitfalls you may need help with. I design with, among others, Divi by Elegant Themes on a regular basis. A blank slate theme offering a support community that is unrivaled in WordPress, Divi allows for endless designed function possibilities. 

If you need help making a decision about website design or WordPress, the use of a CMS or have other website issues, let me know. Someone in my team will be in touch quickly, get your questions answered, or direct you to alternatives if we can’t help with your need.


About 15 years ago, you still called my job “Webmaster”, we don’t use the term as much anymore, it somehow became viewed as somewhat cocky. Given the language and the words that have become acceptable in today’s world, hard to believe that Webmaster was relegated to history…


noun, often capitalized web·mas·ter \ˈweb-ˌmas-tər\
Popularity: Bottom 30% of words

Definition of webmaster

  1. a person responsible for the creation or maintenance of a Web site especially for a company or organization

    (The first known use of the word was 1994)

WordPress Website Design, fast


You likely have pricing questions, have seen all the choices on hosting, options for software (like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) the plugins that they all use, site security…its actually quite a lot to wrap your head around if you arent doing it every day.

We do it every day, and we can help you navigate these unfamiliar areas with confidence. We are PASSIONATE about the work we do,!

My team and our skills cover many aspects of the industry, including other CMS environments like Joomla and Drupal on a professional, code level. 

Professional Results For:

  • WordPress Websites (All things WordPress)
  • Static Website Design 
  • Custom CSS3 & HTML5
  • WooCommerce & eStores
  • Blogs & Portfolio Websites
  • Sales Funnels & Marketing Pages (practical and highly effective marketing tool)
  • Landing Pages or Ad Sites (conversion oriented sites that make money)
  • Social Pages & Marketing (not as easy as liking a page or post)

No matter what the need, I have the resources, possess the skills and have real world experience to handle it.

I can quote your web design project in writing within 24 hours in most cases.


Right away they got what we were looking for and what we needed and within a few weeks were able to roll out a clean crisp new site…


…In four short months our leads have increased three fold compared to this period last year with our old site…

Shirley Warrington Franchise Development Manager, TSS Photography Franchise Services

We build websites based on data not opinion

Expert WordPress Design

With such a wide range of expert level skills, you can count on top quality. I guarantee your satisfaction, and we work very hard to maintain the highest standards. All of our sites are in line with modern web standards, and display well across all environments.

We build websites based on data, not opinion. Opinions rarely make money in Web Design.We understand data to be a humbling thing, particularly in hindsight. We use analytic data, as well as other metrics and factors, to make choices about your site.

By using the data available, we can find the results sought from the websites that we design.

Want to know how we can help you?

Contact us »




We are happy to help you find the information you need to make an informed decision on your site designer.

If we’re not the proper fit, we’ll say so. 

Drop us a line, and have your questions answered by a WordPress Professional quickly. (weekends may delay contact by 24-48 hours)

Contact Us Today »

WordPress…What is it?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows website owners total control over the content on their website.

We specialize in WordPress Design, and prefer it to the alternative CMS environments. Both Joomla and Drupal are difficult for many Clients to manage, defeating the purpose for having a dynamic website.

Using WordPress, coupled with our custom work on the administration area, and with simple and concise training, we are able to show you how to control and grow your web presence, and the content that drives your traffic.

WordPress is our CMS (Content Management System) of choice, and we are available for any WordPress need you may have.

Unsure? Ask Yourself…

  • Do you have a website that needs a performance check?
  • Does your website need a redesign?
  • Need a responsive website design for mobile devices?
  • Do you track your website traffic?
  • Want to optimize your site structure to increase your conversions?
  • Do you need a website and don’t know what to do first?
  • Do you need WordPress Maintenance for your current website?
  • Do you need Website Security or Malware issues handled?

Searching for Web Design Help?

Best Websites Fast truly lives up to the name! They designed an attractive and easily-navigable website for us in a timely fashion. By combining our feedback with data-driven design concepts, they ensured that the website met our needs.  We would highly recommend them to anyone in need of website design services.

Case Study »

Emily Woods

H-STAT Georgia

Mobile Ready & Responsive Website Design

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Is your website design mobile and tablet friendly?

With over half of all web searches being performed on mobile devices, your Website must be mobile friendly, and work correctly across all modern browsers.

It’s become a demanding and impatient world online. You must be responsive to your customers needs and your website needs to be responsive to their device and habits.

Potential customers that leave your website are lost money!

Client Case Studies

WordPress Maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance and care for WordPress websites.


  • Multi-Site Environments
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Content & Image Updates
  • Website Security & Threats

While WordPress does offer versatility, and is the primary CMS on the planet…it also needs regular care. Website Maintenance is very important and not following a regular schedule can result in loss of data or website downtime…even having your Hosting Company cut your site off.

We offer regular check ups and Maintenance Schedules. 

Feel free to inquire today.

WordPress Maintenance
Work with us for your WordPress or Design need

Why WordPress?

The reasons to choose WordPress are many, but the primary purpose, for us, is you….our Clients.

We use WordPress as a primary method for giving our Clients the control they need, without sacrificing security or function. WordPress isn’t just for blogging, now accounting for 1 out of every 4 websites in the world, it is used for virtually every kind of business.

With websites ranging from The New Yorker, Variety, Sony Music & MTV News, WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System available today.

Contact a WordPress Professional now and find out how WordPress can help you online.

By the numbers…

About 25% of the websites in the world are built using WordPress.


Websites Worldwide


Top 100 Tech

That’s 1 out of every 4 websites, a staggering amount of market share in just over 12 years. (WordPress started in 2003, but has roots back into 2001)

48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs…run WordPress as well.

Many of the top companies worldwide have their sites built on WordPress. The fact is, WordPress can be used for virtually any business online, and is cost effective across all business types.

Over 74 MILLION Websites in the world are using WordPress





WordPress Consultation

Offering Clients consultation services on WordPress use.

Many clients come to us wanting to design and administrate their own website. In these cases, it’s usually reasonable for us to Consult on Front End Design, Custom PHP/Plugin work and Plugin Installation. We offer our Consultation at a scaled hourly rate, depending on the scope of the need you may have. Once launched, the Client takes full control, and makes content changes moving forward.

Content is king online, and keeping your site fresh with new content will keep your website performing.

If you already have a WordPress site and need assistance in Redesigning or Maintaining and Securing your site, we can help!

WordPress & Web Design Answers….now

Answers to your questions usually within 24 hours.

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I make this easy

It doesn’t cost you anything to ask questions. 

I'll give you straight answers, quickly. Fill out this simple form, include your preferred method for communication, and I will answer your questions for you.

My goal is to help you find the answers you seek, and the site you want. 

Regardless of whether you choose my group or another developer, I will do everything possible to make sure your decisions are informed, and your choice is the right one for you.



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