There is an ever widening gap going on in the mobile arena. At this point Google is a titan and Apple seems to be getting snippy. With such a concerted effort to distance themselves from Android and Google, YouTube….got to wonder whether they may experience continued sliding from their once meteoric rise, year after year.

But the app, which was actually built by Apple using YouTube’s standards, did not appear to be as full-featured as YouTube’s own website: the YouTube app does not appear to feature any advertising, and the catalog of available music videos lacks many of the titles found on the website.

Analysts said Google was unlikely to take much of a financial hit from the move, though it could complicate Google’s efforts to expand online services to the growing ranks of mobile users. “It’s a risk to Google’s overall mobile approach and strategy, in that their services are not going to be as easy to find as they used to be,” said ThinkEquity analyst Ronald Josey.

“They need to be everywhere that users are.” More worrisome, said Josey, is what the move could mean for Google’s deal with Apple to be the default search engine on the iPhone.

See the article from Yahoo:–sector.html

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