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WordPress & HTTPS is now a MUST

WordPress & HTTPS is now a MUST

WordPress websites will be required to have HTTPS by the end of the year. This is going to mean that certain WordPress featured will be restricted to users with HTTPS on their Hosts. API Authentication being one of the features that would benefit from SSL security

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Shortcodes Ultimate WordPress & Documents

Shortcodes Ultimate WordPress & Documents

  Shortcodes Ultimate   for  WordPress     Fix it Fast...Documents & WordPress   Dehn E. Merrill WordPress Developer Just as a computer user, you've come across the need for some way to view pdf documents. That issue has been dealt with for the most part, it's not as...

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Computer Maintenance & Security 2016

Computer Maintenance & Security 2016

 PC Care & Security FREE Virus Protection Dehn M., Best Websites Fast, Atlanta20 June 2016With the first large scale Computer Virus in 1981, the Elk Cloner (Contrary to what most Mac users would like to believe..Elk Cloner attacked Apple II computers.) and having done...

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A couple statements from my clients. If you haven’t seen any of my case-studies, click on the testimonials below to see the projects I was involved in with each in more detail. You can also see more on my homepage.

My previous website was looking old and tired.  

In addition it wasn’t at all friendly to mobile devices.  Best Websites Fast provided me with a state of the art website that works across devices with some unique functionality in a very short period of time and at a great price.

I highly recommend his work to others as he worked tirelessly to get the website my company needed for continued growth.

Jeff Wood

CEO, Woodcabin Group, LLC

We started working with Best Websites Fast over the Summer to revamp our website and increase our SEO. Right away they got what we were looking for and what we needed and within a weeks were able to roll out a clean crisp new site.

In four short months our leads have increased three fold compared to this period last year with our old site.

We are thrilled and look forward to closing more deals and attracting more qualified candidates to our site.

Shirley Warrington

Franchise Development Manager, TSS Photography Franchise Services

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