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The path of JoyJourneyCoaching


 – finding the path to Brave Age A unique experience, that began with a branding change. Initially our Client was using another Domain, and had been online for a couple of years. After the first call, we had established the need to drop the long Domain, joyjourneycoaching and switch to a cleaner, shorter, and more impactful name…this began the journey of We worked closely with Donna to find the right balance. There was a need to create something that worked for a small demographic, yet maintained a clean professional look. The target audience being specifically in need of the services that Brave Age offers, but often in need of peace of mind, and unsure of what they truly should do first.

The New Brave Age

Learning to listen, yet still lead… Having changed the established site, and domain, to support the new Brave Age entity online, we began the research and content work. Having been online for a while the blog already offered a reasonable amount of information. Our job was further aided by the fact that the Client was able to convey the things that had been lacking in the old site. Content is always King online. Having the content allowed us to focus in on the exact feel BraveAge needed.

Moving Forward

a good plan is aided with good support… BraveAge remains under our care, maintaining the front end of the site, as well as back end updates and security, and they continue to add content to the Blog area of the site. A booking system is in the works that will allow Brave Age to handle their own online booking and related Management activities in the Admin section of WordPress, and integrated with Google. In the end, we launched the new site, with Social Media announcements, as well as other notifications to her followers and Clients. The new look and feel has generated a desire for Donna to write more, and Best Websites Fast continuing to handle the front end work, design and imagery, allows for the Blog to grow, unfettered by the design level issues a blog can have. BraveAge shows how versatile WordPress can be, and how it can make any business more effective online.
” They are mind readers. I had an idea about how I wanted my website to look, and I knew how I wanted it to feel but couldn’t quite communicate either into concrete images. Best Websites Fast were able to sift through my “ideas” and express them in the design and functionality of the site. The results are exactly what I wanted. Because of their expertise and professionalism and creativity, I have a website that looks as beautiful and professional on a cell phone screen as it does on a wide screen monitor. Hire them, you won’t ever be sorry you did. “

Donna Whaley – Brave Age Founder

In Your Hands

We are WordPress Professionals... ...and this is where you can realize the potential of your business online. The internet isn't a second thought anymore, it’s a foregone conclusion. From the very youngest to many of the oldest, just about everyone reaches out for the internet to answer questions and connect to people. Much of that traffic is now on a mobile device. Our end result is designed to solve the issues you have, and create a website for you to move forward and grow with. We leave you a redesigned WordPress experience, catered to the needs of you, our client.

The ability for a Developer to find your wants and needs, and marry them to established methodology online, is vital.

Most Developers & Designers are or should be, capable of designing a site that works. To put your personality and your approach to what you do into a site, while maintaining function and proper Semantic Structure, is what sets us apart.

Using WordPress gives you complete control of your content. Want to find out more about WordPress or our other solutions?

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