Competitive Solutions Inc.

Website Build #1

Competitive Solutions Inc. The main Company website for CSI is Process Based Leadership and was the first site rebuilt.

  • Website Security 10%
  • Retrieval of Content 30%
  • Website Redesign 40%
  • Moving Forward 20%

Website Build #2

PBLScorecardPRO The main website for the CSI Software PBLScoreCardPRO was the second site.

  • Website Security 30%
  • SSL & Payment Forms 20%
  • Website Redesign 30%
  • Moving Forward 20%

Website Build #3

ScoreCard Examples The ScoreCard Examples Website that CSI maintains for Metric & KPI Data was the last site.

  • Website Security 40%
  • Page Structure 20%
  • Website Redesign 20%
  • Moving Forward 20%

Process Based Leadership

A crash course in business ScoreCards A daunting task by any measure, this project involved a large number of variables. The rebuilding of the 3 sites being nearly the least of the issues. Security problems, including advanced spam and SQL attacks had rendered the content that the client had nearly useless. A safe server was first, with the site builds secondary to that issue.
Process Based Leadership WordPress Website

The Solution

– Take Out The Obvious We solved the issues with security through a series of actions. Scouring and cleaning out files on the server, in the HTML code on the front end and further, enlisting the services of Securi, Inc., all issues were fixed, with Securi Inc. handling server and front end monitoring on a permanent basis. Once cleaned out, the sites were put back online with a new, cleaner design.

Process Based Leadership WordPress Website

Competitive Solutions Inc. Logo   Process Based Leadership is the Company Profile site for Competitive Solutions, Inc., a leadership training and business scorecard consulting firm. They specialize in helping organizations improve communication, develop meaningful business scorecards, create accountability at all levels and set behavioral expectations using Process Based Leadership®.

sce-logo-400   ScoreCard Examples is the Metrics & KPI Data site that CSI uses for providing Example Metrics and other information regarding Business ScoreCard use. This site started with over 900 pages before our rebuild, and ended with under 100 after it was reorganized. The result is a faster website with all the same data.

ScoreCard Examples Industry Page


pbllogo   The PBLScoreCard site is the Software information and Sales page for PBLScoreCard Software, produced by Competitive Solutions Inc. PBL Scorecard® is a multilingual easy-to-use, web-based balanced and business scorecard software solution that incorporates an accountability system, communication process and a robust scorecard system.

At The End Of The Day

Rebuilt From The Ground Up

All 3 sites for CSI had all been taken down, by their hosting company…due to a large and extremely pervasive virus infection. Both the front end display of their site, via link injection, and the server side, as a replicating and folder jumping virus, were affected. With nothing but virus infested database dumps, and no other data for the 3 sites, the initial challenge was to somehow recover the basic data about their business that the sites contained.

One site, displaying different metrics for dozens of industries, contained over 900 pages.

Through use of online indexes of site content, and close work with the Companies different department heads…we recreated the sites, and were able to turn the 900+ ScoreCard Examples website into a structured and easily navigated site with under 100 pages.

Relaunching The Company

All 3 websites, on a new Hosting Service, were launched within weeks of each other. New webinars and blog posts are added constantly, and Competitive Solutions Inc. remains under our care online, including both the maintenance of their site and the Security of their Site and Server.

Back Online

With all 3 websites complete and online, Competitive Solutions continues to make changes to and fully realize their sites online impact. Offering Webinars and Seminars around the country on Business ScoreCard Development, and working with market leading companies in a wide array of business, Competitive Solutions Inc. is perfect example of WordPress Design and Development by our team.

Words From Competitive Solutions

Best Web Sites is a pleasure to work with. They deliver as promised and on time. They are also very responsive to our needs when we have situation that needs immediate resolution! 

John Pyecha – Executive Vice President

I wish there was a way to rank Best Websites Fast higher. This is a highly valuable resource that I will get TONS of use out of going forward. I was extremely pleased with their service and would recommend it to anyone needing website development or website services.

Michael Watkins – Director of Information Technology

In Your Hands

We are WordPress Professionals... ...and this is where you can realize the potential of your business online. The internet isn't a second thought anymore, it’s a foregone conclusion. From the very youngest to many of the oldest, just about everyone reaches out for the internet to answer questions and connect to people. Much of that traffic is now on a mobile device. Our end result is designed to solve the issues you have, and create a website for you to move forward and grow with. We leave you a redesigned WordPress experience, catered to the needs of you, our client.

The ability for a Developer to find your wants and needs, and marry them to established methodology online, is vital.

Most Developers & Designers are or should be, capable of designing a site that works. To put your personality and your approach to what you do into a site, while maintaining function and proper Semantic Structure, is what sets us apart.

Using WordPress gives you complete control of your content. Want to find out more about WordPress or our other solutions?

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