Atlanta Real Estate WordPress Design

Part of a larger scope project, traversing multiple sites with duplicate content and linked to each other in a misguided effort to increase their traffic,

Dreamstreet Real Estate WordPress WebsiteDreamstreet Real Estate is an Atlanta Real Estate Group that needed our help.

This is the first of the WordPress Designs we tackled with this client, with others being addressed as needed.

The site will continue to evolve as we collect content from the client, and try to weed out overused and redundant content from the multiple sites.

With the Hummingbird Update to Googles algorithm many sites suffered huge traffic losses. Websites that were found to be using black hat SEO techniques suffered crippling drops.

Our efforts for Dreamstreet made a noticeable difference, quickly. This client continues to use their site and makes frequent content and other changes. Having dealt with the multiple domain and duplicate content issues, they have seen a steady rise in rank and are beginning to show up in search again.


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