FriendlyFireUSA Firearms Forum

FriendlyFireUSA Firearms Forum

FriendlyFireUSA vBulletin Forum

This vBulletin installation is a ground up custom Modification Website & Forum build.

Extensive custom work was required for this site, including a Classified Section featuring 50 states, as well as custom region ability in the admin console.

Allowing the owners to create custom Region Threads for every State as well as giving them a basic 8 regions per state to start with.

With 24 categories per state, this classified section boasts over 1000 pages alone, and was constructed using minimal server queries, allowing for a much smoother interaction for the site users.

We also modified a live feed feature to work within the client’s desires, added custom permissions to the feed as well as the Classified Forums, custom usergroup ranks, constructed a Facebook Fan Page and designed and fulfilled Plastic Rounded Corner Business Cards.

With a drop menu selector for the states, as well as a CSS US Map to quickly help users find what they want, and a custom post an ad form featuring a Google Map auto insert…this site was a challenge and a true pleasure to work on.

If you are an avid outdoor lover, be it Fishing, Archery or Hunting…..check out FriendlyFireUSA!

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