Meeting WordPress One Day At A Time

As a longtime WordPress user, I have had years of experiences with Clients, other Designers….forums….bugs…..and workarounds.

Websites and related aspects of the internet have been something I was into from the moment I got online. I never dreamed I would be doing this 20 years ago, when I was firmly settled in another career and had been for 20 years before that. It’s hard to believe that I get to do this for my living. By any definition, it’s a blessing, to play for a job.

And to get out of bed every day and design websites is just that…playing….skilled, technical play…data driven fun…..but playing nonetheless.

It’s only occasionally though that we get to cross paths with someone in the industry on a level that changes things for a large group of people. Most of us in the industry look to others and their experience for help, object lessons, or for ideas. An often missed aspect of this business is that a huge portion of the people pursuing life online as we do, Developers, Designers, Content Creators and more…..are out there constantly sharing their experience with one another for free.

This is a world of people who know they are not only good at what they do, but can make everyone better by sharing. Not only creating a pool of knowledge that helps to make the internet better, more secure and wildly varied, but also, making each and every Client we each work with that much more happy with their project. It is a collective that creates the sites we build, a hive mind, as seen through the eyes of one group or individual.

You just can’t fully understand that if you haven’t been involved in it. And even then, occasionally, you get shocked by someones generosity or skills or both.

Recently, just such a thing happened to me, again.


Finding Monterey Web Design

and meeting Geno Quiroz….again….sort of

As an Elegant Themes fan, user and promoter….I have for some time followed their blog and their flow. I had read about Geno, when he was featured in their Customer Spotlight area, over a year ago….and only last month did I run across him again. Then only realizing who it was several weeks later.

I know Geno a little better now. It’s humbling to know people like him.

Recently, while looking at some new code ideas, having to do with separators, or section transitions on pages. I found a great write up on (or CoDrops) about these very items.

The way they made the page jump, and the light weight aspect of them was something I wanted to use.

However, much of the article left me looking for more. CoDrops is full of GREAT reference, awesome code, and top of the industry Developers and Designers. I wanted to see what other sources I could find, and maybe other use examples in a WordPress environment.

After a very short search period I came across, a blog dedicated to tweaks and data surrounding a theme specific group of people and web designs that gets it’s root from Elegant Themes, and their theme Divi.

Not only was this WordPress, but, as well, it was in the same framework I was using.


Separator Examples

The screenshot below illustrates the separator styles that the Tympanus article explained the use of..
Signup Form from Geno's Website
Monterey Bay Web Design
Genos Donation Form

Learning Something New (Again)

It’s just a simple truth, you never stop learning.

Thanks to the efforts of Geno & his group I have learned some new things, and have new tools for my toolbox, to be used in fulfilling my clients needs. Geno had done a few posts about the separators and his usage of them fit right into my environment. It was incredibly fortuitous. Whatever the case, I grabbed what I needed, and wandered off to make use it.

Over the weeks following this, I ended up visiting the site many times, reading articles, learning heaps of new stuff….ideas….resources online I hadn’t seen etc…as well as finding Geno’s actual business site, and, joining a Facebook Group that he happened to have founded and runs.

…who the heck was this guy that was so obviously skilled, yet so incredibly humble about his work?
One of my very first impressions on Geno’s’ blog, was the illustration of him in his newsletter sign up, it made me chuckle and I loved the way it pictured him, very humble, hands up in a questioning stance…..who the heck was this guy that was so obviously skilled, yet so incredibly humble about his work?

The other thing I remembered was the donation sidebar….with different amounts. Much like any other blog donation or “buy me a coffee” button.

When I found that Geno was responsible for the Facebook Group, I was delighted. I had just that day made the connection to the old article on Elegant Themes, and as soon as I knew it was him, I made it a point to buy him and his family dinner. In return for the HUGE amount of effort he had put into this blog, giving me an enormous amount of new things to play with.

As well as for creating and maintaining a resource library for others, at no cost.


Giving Back

After that it was just natural to start doing the same right there on Facebook. Answering questions, offering advice and trying wherever possible, to help others improve their work, fix their issues….or surpass their own clients expectations.

I had experienced a period of learning that I wasn’t aware had value to others, and didn’t realize the amount of data I carried around with me that people could actually use. In our work here, we constantly run across issues where we have to “tap dance” a little to make something work, and those moments had left behind ways to look at or deal with issues that others needed.

 It motivated me to pursue similar goals in my free time. 
WordPress was where I first learned to rely on others to offer their skills and advice. The WordPress community is big, real big, and the majority of those individuals are happy to help. Geno and his Group were the first time I had seen such an effort to do so for so many and asking for so little of the world in return.

The internet will continue to change and evolve. The 20 years since it became a household reality has seen incredible amounts of change. Truly, none of us could have predicted the things we’ve seen in such a short time. One thing though, is certainly easy to predict: If people continue to act and do as Geno has, the changes will be great ones. I look forward to that reality.

Thanks to Geno and his crew of brilliant and giving minds. Keep up the good work.


Geno Quiroz

Human Being |Teacher | Consultant | Developer | Speaker | Divi Ninja

Geno is an entrepreneur who has been designing websites since 1996 and currently works with a network of developers and SEO specialists from around the globe who are focused on building top of the line web products.

In addition to launching Monterey Premier & Elegant Marketplace in 2015, he also runs a Back-Office Service business that launched in 2012, and a local Online Magazine for California’s Monterey Bay.

Geno is also very involved in the local faith community. In addition to being a local pastor, Geno works with several local non-profits and organizations that aim to educate and raise awareness for  the importance of “Investing In Family” and “Building Community”.

He also enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends, encouraging other believers, experimenting with new technologies,  teaching others about CSS, and adding more monitors to his desktop workstation (currently at 5).

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