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The Gift Of Recognition

DiviRecently had the honor of talking with Geno Quiroz of Monterey Premier in a live Q&A….with many active WordPress users worldwide asking their questions, voicing their thoughts and following along.

Having followed, worked with and been an avid fan of Geno and those he is regularly involved with, this was both an honor and as well, a true statement to the respect my work has found in my field. I hope to continue learning about the constantly changing environment that is Web Development, and more specifically, WordPress Website Design.

Elegant Themes and the Divi theme have been a big part of our work, speaking of myself and those I regularly interact with in the field. And though we all spend a lot of effort and time enjoying the work of Nick Roach and his group at ET, not enough can be said about WordPress, it’s Developers, and the incredible array of Theme Developers and Designers worldwide that make WordPress the incredible Content tool it is. Envato, with it’s network of Stores, is a good example of the amazing talent that WordPress has given a voice to.

I use a network of resources to accomplish the work I do, and it is due to the many that make up the WordPress community that I am able to offer the high level of professional results I do. Many thanks to each and every one of those participants in the open-source community, and thanks to Geno and Chathura of Tuts Directory for their praise and recognition.

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