Islamorada Fishing

Islamorada Fishing

For Millertime Sportfishing we originally went with a custom Admin allowing for simple content changes. Where now we are updating to a brand new WordPress Installation.

This site has SEO in mind with regards to content, and as well, is fully tracked using Analytics software.

Regular targeted traffic has been steadily increasing for some time now, with ROI being solid and easily quantified through Analytic tracking of site performance.

EDIT: September 2012 Millertime is undergoing a new WordPress Conversion that we are very excited about. Stay tuned for full view.

October 3, 2012. New WordPress Site for Islamorada Fishing Charters with Millertime Sportfishing is now live. Custom Designed WordPress install allowing for new content changes, easier than ever before. This installation makes use of many of the WordPress Admin Consoles available Plugins, including: Yoast SEO and others.

We are very happy to add Millertime to our WordPress Portfolio, and look forward to helping Millertime Sportfishing increase their SERPS through simpler than ever tracking and optimization of content.

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