Pamela Dubin Logo DesignPamela Dubin Executive Consultant

Pamela came to us to fix a WordPress Website on a short timeframe. Her then current website state was far from the impact she was seeking, and her need was urgent.

Starting over was our only option, and we were able to complete a site for her in very short order that she loved.

Built of a WordPress Backend, she has the ability to add and delete content as needed, and enjoys a very impactful site now, with all of the latitude she was seeking to move forward and stay relevant.

She has worked with politicians, governments and charities across the world and throughout the political spectrum on national and international advocacy campaigns, partnerships and collaborative relationships in the Middle East Peace Process,

We very much enjoyed working with Pamela, and continue to do so on Graphic Design as well as website updates.

This highly motivated individual is at the top of her class, and is very much appreciated for impact on our own business. Check her out!

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