A look at the Homepage

A look at the Homepage

Competitive Solutions, Inc. is a leadership training and business scorecard consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations improve communication, develop meaningful business scorecards, create accountability at all levels and set behavioral expectations using Process Based Leadership.®

CSI came to us with a common, if a bit troubling issue….their Company Websites were not only down, but unrecoverable from their last state.

Due to a bad run of events with their previous developer, their WordPress sites were lost, databases and all.


While much of the Blog Content, and some of the deeper pages were not available in the Archives online, we were able to recover enough data to populate 30 pages and 20+ posts within days.

Homepage Top

Homepage Top

With the new site due to be online and visible within the month, we have been able to provide CSI with a service they were desperately in need of, in a reasonable timeframe and best of all, at a cost that they could work with.

Built on a WordPress Backend, with plugin work by the regulars, including: SEO Tools by Yoast, Josh Lobe’s Ultimate TinyMCE Editor, WP-Total Cache and more. Our new version of the Process Based Leadership site is built on a foundation of HTML5 and CSS3 that allows for rich media displays, cross browser and device compatibility and fast loading pages that engage users and keep them on site.

Best Websites Fast.

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