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For Search or Speed on WordPress Websites
To best understand SEO, try to first understand the job of the search engines. (Google, Bing, Yahoo)


So, what’s the big deal?

Why is SEO so difficult to manage?

To be responsible for organizing, storing, and having quickly accessible, all the different websites online, while maintaining the integrity of results…is daunting. To not be corrupted by outside attempts to skew results, these search providers employ some of the very best engineers in the world.

A search on:

  • Google for “Atlanta WordPress Design” nets over 8 MILLION results
  • Yahoo: 10 Million
  • BING: 11.9 Million

Now factor in, with all the other issues you have to consider….that constant Search Algorithm changes can literally keep you from even appearing in SERPS. Those changes now include your site Page Load Speed, and trying to get that under control is difficult at times.

Search Engine Results Examples

(click on the laptops)

Yahoo search "Atlanta WordPress Design"

Atlanta WordPress Design

Google search

Atlanta WordPress Design

BING Search

Atlanta WordPress Design

Website Audits

Having an SEO audit of your site may prove to be a valuable tool in determining whether or not you can improve the performance of your site in Search. A properly performed Audit will identify key factors about your site, including:

  • Accessibility
  • Indexability
  • On & Off Page Ranking issues
  • Semantic Structure issues

By no means is this a complete list, but is representative of the major factors to be considered. And while most sites can benefit from some form of optimization, an audit is a key tool in knowing where to concentrate your efforts. We offer audits and on-page optimization of websites

The number of variables involved make pricing your website for either of these services require an actual hands on estimate. Feel free to email us with your website and contact information, and we will be happy to assist you.


SEO Means What To You?

To compete without SEM (Ads), your site must have proper SEO to fall anywhere near the top of search. It must contain original content and be well organized and easily accessible. The days of Keyword Spamming and related attempts to skew results are gone.

In all results pictured above, you will notice that there are ads before the results, and in some cases to the right of the page as well.

The position of your website in search results (SERPS or Search Engine Results Page) may not always guarantee you get clicked at all.

Especially if your competition has deeper pockets and can buy an ad that gets seen before your website does.

Of course, there are always those that will continue to practice bad habits or look for ways around the Search Engine Indexing of websites. They may suggest the use of Link Farms, or other short term, heavily destructive methods, for increasing website traffic or falsely elevating you in SERPS.

Properly marketing a website means targeted traffic, through your doors if that’s your goal….or through your cart if that is. Whatever the case, there are ways to do it: commonly “white hat” and “black hat” methods.

As a general rule, our WordPress installations are designed SEO friendly from the start, helping to maximize SERP results and maximize ROI.

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