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Dehn E. Merrill

WordPress Developer

Just as a computer user, you’ve come across the need for some way to view pdf documents. That issue has been dealt with for the most part, it’s not as difficult these days. From the Developers and Designers side though, still we are called to make choices.

Today I want to give you another usage of the great plugin Shortcodes Ultimate. I use it a lot, like it, and find it more than useful across many sites. I don’t know the developer, I don’t get a kickback and I don’t say anything based on a paycheck. This is good stuff, and you will likely want to use some of it. I’m going to show you a few great ways to deal with documents today, quickly.

A list of downloadable pdf docs using Shortcodes Ultimate
A simple list of pdf docs on a website

“On the left is an example of a more visual and impactful list of pdf docs for view. Above a more basic list both using our shortcode for today.”

A nice Download List featuring a Document Viewer

SHORTCODES ULTIMATE — Today we will be using the shortcode for “Document”, and I’m showing it to you for a couple reasons. You wont be needing to have a pdf viewer installed to view these documents, as the plugin uses Google to view Docs. This means your users see what you see, beautiful! There are some uses you will enjoy as well listed at the bottom. For now, let’s get started.

A New Solution

Adobe PDF Documents – (Portable Document Format <–irony for sure right there) have been giving Web Designers trouble for years…and that usually funnels down to the Developers to drive them crazy. At least in the past it has.

The last few years have made a lot of functionality far more easy for laymen to introduce to the websites they access. I remember doing laptop repair, years ago, 10 maybe, where t was a regular thought to have to instal a current .pdf viewer on any machine I replaced an OS on. I haven’t had to in at least 3-4 years now.

 And when it was a thought, you weren’t able to do anything like the phone I have pictured here:

“iPhone Mockup Courtesy of another plugin I’ll write on soon.”

Dehn M.

Image 1- The Documents Shorcode
Image 2 - The Document Shortcode Options

I’m going to show you the above real quick, minus the phone, that’s another post. ;0)

You will need to have Shortcodes Ultimate installed on your WordPress site, and want to have a text module open. You will be clicking on Insert Shortcode…then look down on the bottom of the left column in the modal window. (image 1)

After you click on “Document” you will get a second modal window, (image 2) and in that window you want to fill out the option as they apply to your use. Bear in mind this works for a lot of different docs, I chose pdf for this, but you can do any type you like.

After you fill in the options click the “insert shortcode” button and you will have something like this:

[su_document url="" width="300" height="150"]

Finishing Up

And that’s it! The plugin Shortcodes Ultimate handles all the heavy lifting for you. There are a bunch of different ways to use this feature alone, and I have found it very useful on many occasions.

My intent with these posts is to show moderate level users how to style their sites without the code knowledge normally required to get responsive and attractive features on your websites.

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