Songwriters Island

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WordPress & Songwriters Island

Songwriters Island Old Website

Songwriters Island came to me with a simple HTML website, needing a redesign.

Used to stream music daily, they also provided a live Feed of Music from different events.

Songwriters Island was already a minimalist styled website. The Music is the point. They already had a Tropical Feel, and wanted to maintain the light tropical aspect of their website.

Using WordPress as our platform, we are slowly integrating all of the new ideas that a CMS like WordPress creates for new clients, new sites create new ideas, and ultimately, new business for everyone.

Songwriters Island New Website

Songwriters Island New Website was designed to keep the island feel and still be a minimalist approach to the design.

This Website has evolved since I took on the project and continues to grow. I know how to adjust to your needs as you become aware of them.

Often, new Websites create new needs. Knowing how to bridge the gap between what was discussed and agreed upon, and still offer a client the room to grow without feeling restricted. My goal is to offer the Best Websites Fast.


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