TinyMCE Visual Editor not working in WordPress?

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Visual Composer, Divi Page Builder or TinyMCE Editor not working in WordPress?

pagenopeRecently had an issue come up that was really bugging (no pun intended) both myself and many others out there.

After quite a few searches, for what it turned out were the wrong questions, I found the solution. Wanted to share it out there for others as this issue has a way of hiding itself due to the nature of how it came about.

Our scenario played out this way…client called and had lost their ability to use the TinyMCE Visual Editor in Blog Posts, as well as, the text editor was displaying white text…..so even that was unusable.

We use Divi by Elegant Themes a lot, and the Divi Page Builder was also affected by this issue.

After searching a bit, I found that many using the Visual Composer by wpbakery as well as the SiteOrigin Page Builder were and had been having this issue for some time.

Further…many of the threads were unresolved.

The issue for our instance, and for many of the others likely was one that hides from the the normal process of looking for a conflict….ie….disable plugins one at a time….change themes etc…

It is highly likely that the plugin that created the conflict for you is gone, as it was in our case.

The Answer Please?

To compound the issue for us, a TinyMCE plugin was in use, complicating and moving focus away from what was in the end a simple issue. The list of affected Page Builders and Themes that were listed in the search results was long, and the number of people that had tried disabling this, and changing that was equally as long.

The gist of it turned out to be a file that was added by a Security Plugin, and was left behind after changing to another Security Plugin.

We found it by accident, and only after using the Developer Console in a browser to look for issues. The Plugin that created the issue isn’t important, and in fact is far to good a product to call out for the problem, suffice it to say, always be aware of what you’re doing when you play with Security Plugins. Particularly when you uninstall a product that may have made changes to way WordPress functions.

The Solution

You’ll want to have FTP access, and need to navigate to the wp-includes folder….look in there for a file called htaccess. If there is one there, then likely this is your solution…

Delete it.

Normal WordPress installations wont have a htaccess file in this folder and it is the result of Security related changes that one is there. Often after changing the plugin for security on your installation, this file will be left behind and the effect nearly impossible to diagnose without knowing that it was created by a plugin no longer present!

Hopefully this will save someone their hair pulling and many hours of theme and plugin checking! I for one, would have saved roughly 5 hours. Sigh.

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