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Franchise Website Redesign

The Ever Changing Project

TSS Photography Inc.

many needs were identified after beginning…

A complicated and changing endeavor, TSS Photography came to us initially for help with their Franchise Development Website. In the end we created 2 websites, one for the Franchise Development side, and the Headquarters Website for TSS Photography, including over 100 Franchise Location Websites.

During the course of this project, many things changed and were at times major shifts.

Defining The Unknown

finding the answers can be a challenge…

At the beginning, this was a simple project. We were contacted for consulting and spent a day training the Marketing Director on the use of WordPress.

The company had a premium WordPress Theme, and was hoping to make use of it for their Franchise Development site. We went over basic WordPress use, theme installation and plugin use.

Also many more advanced usage tricks and tips to further aid our Client in building the TSS Franchise Site.

Franchise Site Launch

a new site with better on page optimization…

We launched a simple but effective site for the Franchise Development Group.

The real work lay ahead, a few months later. We were contacted and asked to redesign the Headquarters website. A simple enough thought, on the surface. However, many things changed and were discovered as needed or unexpected along the way.

Change Of Plans

the client decided to move in a different direction…

In a couple weeks, TSS and their Marketing Director made the decision to hire us to build the Franchise Development Website. They were confident on moving forward with WordPress, but unable to handle the code level work with plugins and design.

We discussed the project and agreed to build the site for TSS Franchise Development.

TSS Photography Headquarters Website


Custom Search Function


Custom Admin Console


Individual Admin Accounts


HQ Website Redesign

TSS Photography Headquarters

Starting over in the middle…

During the early part of the TSS Photography Headquarters Project, the Marketing Director we were working with left TSS to pursue another opportunity.

The hole left was somewhat problematic initially, as he had been our primary contact. The change put us in contact with the head of the company, his Graphic Designer, and due to new additions, his IT people as well.

This additional feedback made the resulting site design far more impactful than the first site, due to the increase in direct involvement that TSS had with the second Project. There were many changes to the Project after the Marketing Director changed, several that were major.

We negotiated changes to the agreement, and moved forward in earnest to complete the Project.

It was at this point, about halfway, that we actually began working on what would become the new TSS Photography website.

TSS Impact Series Trading Cards

A Simple Solution

Overhaul Redesign And Customise Administration

The website had been hosted on company servers for years, with a DNN structure. As well, the site required over 100 individual Franchise Owners webpages on the site, and individual admin logins for them.

Each of the Franchise locations, we found, also held the rights to a certain number of zip codes.

These zip codes had to be incorporated into a search function on the new site, and had to return the location information for that zip code. This addition, like the Franchise Locations themselves, came up halfway through the build. What seemed a huge gap, and possibly jeopardizing the entire project, actually worked out quite well in the end.

The Web Service for the search on the old site, now in essence defunct, was of little use. Due to the nature of it’s construction, it became logical to look at a new search function. In doing this, we also were able to customise the Administration of the Zip Code aspect of their website. They would now have a far more orderly and easily edited manner to manage Zip Codes. And in fact, wouldn’t require a Programmer to edit the Zips anymore.

The New TSS Photography

A fresh look and over 100 microsite Franchisee Pages…

This 250+ page website is both attractive and easy to use. There are many features built in that are unnoticeable, but intrinsic to the ease and function of the site. Including new search function, offering a simple method for retaining, categorizing, searching and most of all, editing…..the data associated with all the franchises.

Each Franchise Owner has admin access to the site and can make any change they like, all handled through a revision process that allows HQ to approve changes before they are allowed to post and be seen.

There are Global areas for HQ to display current information across all 100+ Franchise Pages, and are able to do so editing one simple field. In the end, this was a greatly enjoyed project for all of us. The people involved and interacted with have been both fun and responsive to our needs for their site. Offering both content and creative ideas, making their outcome that much more personal and effective.

Challenging and rewarding, this was a perfect example of the sheer power that WordPress can bring to the table.

Best Websites Fast has helped TSS Photography upgrade our brand as well as build tangible improvements to our online presence. We have done 2 Corporate projects and over 100 Franchise microsites in the past several months and we are extremely happy with the results, and look forward to seeing further gains in the months ahead.

Joe Lindenmayer

President, TSS Photography

We started working with Best Websites Fast over the Summer to revamp our website and increase our SEO.

Right away they got what we were looking for and what we needed and within a weeks were able to roll out a clean crisp new site. In four short months our leads have increased three fold compared to this period last year with our old site.

We are thrilled and look forward to closing more deals and attracting more qualified candidates to our site.

Shirley Warrington

Franchise Development Manager, TSS Photography Franchise Services

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