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A Simple Function

Woodcabin needed a simple yet secure process that their clients could easily use.

The paperwork for each client was different and though containing no sensitive data, had to be protected by a password. The search and access path needed to be a quick easy process to use.


Tax Season Ready

Downloads are handled by a custom search function that returns the client to a specific download page.

There, the files are secured by password and immediately downloadable. The individual Files and Client Accounts are managed by a directory in the admin console that lets Woodcabin upload bulk files via FTP, or by using the built in Media Management of WordPress.

Fast & Accessible

With the new site up and running with plenty of time before tax season, the Clients of Woodcabin Group will have a secure and easy method to gain their tax related paperwork online.

This process is governed by and maintained by the Woodcabin Group as well, meaning no long term maintenance agreement.

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The End Result

Woodcabin Group, LLC. enjoys a new look, a new logo and a stable and secure functionality that they can maintain without the need to hire a designer.

Ensuring that this site was easily maintained by the client was a goal in our design.

They are able to manage 650+ clients downloads and the client data themselves. WordPress Websites offer power and function that is applicable to any need, across any type of business.

My previous website was looking old and tired.  In addition it wasn’t at all friendly to mobile devices.  Best Websites Fast provided me with a state of the art website that works across devices with some unique functionality in a very short period of time and at a great price.  I highly recommend their work to others as they worked tirelessly to get the website my company needed for continued growth. Jeff Wood

Woodcabin Group, LLC

In Your Hands

We are WordPress Professionals... ...and this is where you can realize the potential of your business online. The internet isn't a second thought anymore, it’s a foregone conclusion. From the very youngest to many of the oldest, just about everyone reaches out for the internet to answer questions and connect to people. Much of that traffic is now on a mobile device. Our end result is designed to solve the issues you have, and create a website for you to move forward and grow with. We leave you a redesigned WordPress experience, catered to the needs of you, our client.

The ability for a Developer to find your wants and needs, and marry them to established methodology online, is vital.

Most Developers & Designers are or should be, capable of designing a site that works. To put your personality and your approach to what you do into a site, while maintaining function and proper Semantic Structure, is what sets us apart.

Using WordPress gives you complete control of your content. Want to find out more about WordPress or our other solutions?

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