Tax & Business Consulting in Colorado

The Woodcabin Group LLC. provides Tax & Business Consulting services to hundreds of different Clients every year.

Each client accesses their individual Organizer and uses this to create their Filings for the year.

The site was built to allow for the Client to upload the Organizers for their clients each year, in a simple and secure method. Using WordPress and a great File Management plugin, and WordPress Download Manager, along with a customized search function, the Clients now have access to their files, with Password protection.

While leaving our Client, Woodcabin Group, with a simple user interface to manage the documents in a secure fashion.

While no personal or sensitive data is contained in these documents, they are still personalized for each client, and are filed in a way that allows them to easily access. and securely download them, offering a simple user experience.

We enjoyed working with Jeff Wood, and look forward to helping him and Wife in the future.

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