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Front End Editing For Your WordPress Website

Meet Pascal, a front-end CSS editor built right into the WordPress Customizer.

 We use Elegant Themes products, primarily Divi, a theme for WordPress that is so versatile that it has spawned an amazing array of third party sites, selling incredible child themes and plugins, built specifically to work with it. This post isn’t about Divi, but it is about one of the Development outfits that creates for Divi users, divi.space

Recently while wandering through their store I saw this plugin, and thought a quick word or two was worth saying. WordPress is a constantly evolving environment, and it’s sometimes mind boggling to see the amount of different ways Developers come up with to make it better and more usable to all.

The plugin, Pascal, is one such addition to WordPress that offers some pretty amazing features for a really amazing price. I’ll link their store for the main details, but just to summarize:


  • Edit CSS right from the customizer
  • Browser specific editing
  • Device previews
  • Set your own breakpoints (in development)
  • ID & Classes available on hover (in development)
  • Export your changes

Bear in mind this is all live in your customizer, a pretty neat trick. And as it’s made to work with any theme, and any WordPress installation version 3.2 or above, it’s pretty versatile as well. Full details with the link below, and at the price, well worth a look to anyone that works in WordPress and wants to streamline their work flow.

Pascal is a series of CSS editing panels that make organising your code quicker and easier. Everything is added to your site in real-time and you can see the changes happening as you make them without refreshing, visiting the back-end or anything that takes you out of your coding groove….

Pascal CSS Editor WordPress Plugin

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