WordPress is used on 25% of websites worldwide

That’s 1 out of 4 Websites. On the planet. Staggering market share, to say the least

Do you have a WordPress website in need of care?

We provide monthly service as well as one time optimization

Has your website been compromised?

Already have malware issues, or a defaced Website ?

Do you want to explore Consultation or Training?

We offer Consultation on many aspects of WordPress.

WordPress Maintenance Service

When you consider the sheer size of the WordPress Community, there’s no mystery that WordPress websites are often targeted by hackers. Regular care for your site can drastically reduce your risk.

Facts about WordPress

WordPress.com gets more unique visitors than Amazon (126 million per month vs. 96 million per month)

  • WordPress sites around the globe publish 17 posts every second.
  • 35+ million total downloads is what makes Akismet the most popular plugin of all time.
    (think about that…though packaged with WordPress it’s a telling statistic)
  • Only 22% of WordPress sites are up to date – less than 1 out of 4 websites
  • 2,645 of the top 10k websites on the web use WordPress
  • 22% of new domains in the US are run with WordPress.

Maintenance Service needs vary greatly.

From business to business, as well as types of Development & Design in the websites themselves. you find an enormous number of variables. Your needs may be something you can in fact handle yourself, with the right training or experience. Whatever the case, We are a very good place to start.

Plugin vulnerabilities represent 55.9%…

…of the known entry points. There are actually better than 44,000 plugins in the WordPress library. Coupled with the number of themes available, and the myriad of related software and products, it’s often impossible to predict the possible needs an update may trigger. One thing is certain, you should have a well maintained plugin folder.

Brute Force Attacks are the 2nd threat to websites

Knowing what the types of threat are, and how to best stay ahead of them, can be the difference between a secure website, and a disaster that could cost your business in possible data loss, data theft, online credibility and even Search Engine Results placement. The risks to your business that a hacked website can pose, are serious, and potentially very expensive.

The combination of possible conflicts is huge

Plugins represent one of the largest security issues with all CMS websites. This includes JOOMLA!, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, vBulletin, phpBB, Vanilla Forums and most other forms of content management websites. These extra functionalities often have security flaws that must be patched quickly to avoid website disruption and possible data risks.

Plugin & Core File Updates

In the 30 thousand plus approved and available from WordPress plugins, there are many abandoned or unsupported items that can cause trouble for your website. Just knowing what is safe and what isn’t takes experience. The very act of updating them, can often cause issues that you may not be able to deal without professional help.

Confused about site Maintenance?

If you arent sure of what you should do about maintenance, or anything on this page leaves you with a question….go ahead and contact us now for a personal estimate on your WordPress website. Not everyone has the time or ability to handle these tasks without help.

Common Maintenance Actions

Some of the items we cover during routine website maintenance include:

  • WordPress core, Theme & Plugin updating
  • Scheduled Backups & Backup Care
  • Security Scanning & Monitoring
  • Email Support
  • Uptime Monitoring & Reporting
  • SPAM Cleanup & Filtering
  • Database Optimization & Care
A System That Works

What you put in reflects what you get out

-Andrew Palmer

Somebodys Hero

What you put in reflects what you get out

-Andrew Palmer

Somebodys Hero

What you put in reflects what you get out

-Andrew Palmer

Somebodys Hero

We know WordPress, and we provide top of our industry WordPress Solutions to 100’s of Clients every year.

Proper Maintenance Cuts Risk

Maintenance Needs Are Unpredictable

There are hundreds of things that can and often do, go wrong with a CMS website. From Security to Display Issues when a Browser gets an update. We work in this industry every day, and we know the issues to expect with upcoming software updates, and know how to deal with the unexpected ones that can arise. There is no better protection than experience.

We have that experience, and we can offer you that protection.

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