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    Dehn M., Best Websites Fast, Atlanta

    20 June 2016

    With the first large scale Computer Virus in 1981, the Elk Cloner (Contrary to what most Mac users would like to believe..Elk Cloner attacked Apple II computers.) and having done IT work in both commercial environments…

    …as well as homes almost ever since then, I can attest for how varied understanding and ability to maintain computers is. Though most people use one nearly every day, many still continue to make mistakes that can cost them money, or worse, lead to identity theft. This is my current list, based on ease of use for novice users, and using free versions, of software I recommend. Though the paid versions of most of the software we use are far more feature rich and offer better safety, these free choices will go a long way to protecting you when you make mistakes.

    We all do. I have the occasional issue without fail, and I’ve been on a computer for 30 years.

    Slow or otherwise troublesome computers

    are issues we all deal with

    As a result of the number of friends, and others close to me, asking for help, I started to put together a list of pretty much bulletproof software that anyone could use to protect themselves. Using these 3 programs to maintain your computer will afford you a much higher level of protection and are among the best in the free class.

    If you have questions, leave a comment. Likewise if you have thoughts on another program or these, feel free to speak up. 

    “While I cannot guarantee results, I do have years of experience with these issues and know these programs to be very good, and their FREE versions among the industry leaders.”

    Malwarebytes Cleans Infections

    1.I have personally been using this program for a number of years now. This is the Software I reach for when a client or friend has malware or virus issues already. In the free version, it does more than most out there, it handles advanced issues, where you need to work in safe mode…etc…as with each year I’ve done this list, much changes…but this one hasn’t. Install it, run it, you wont regret it

    From their site:

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’s industry-leading anti-malware and anti-spyware scanner detects and removes malware like worms, Trojans, rogues, spyware, bots, and more.

    Anti-rootkit technology drills down and removes deeply embedded rootkits, one of the most dangerous forms of malware. If you’ve got malware on your computer, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will destroy it. Restoring your computer to its former glory.


    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Malwarebytes Administrative Screen

    A clean UI that’s easy to use

    Advanced SystemCare

    2.In the past I have always used and suggested to most, CCleaner from Piriform. I still do. This year though, I’m adding a different program, and only after a lot of thought and use. I’ve never been a fan of one button programs, or software that claims to (or worse, sometimes, actually does) do a large number of things automatically.

    I wont get into why that’s a problem, instead, I’ll tell you that this is a great piece of software that does a LOT, and with essentially, ONE button. 

    The best part….a smiling face tells you all is good. If the icon changes color or isn’t smiling push the big button. That’s pretty much it. Lots of other features, in the free version, that many will love. However, from the view of the daily user with little tech knowledge on maintenance….this is a perfect program and easy for you to use.

    Advanced SystemCare User Interface

    ASC has a clean and easy UI

    a lot of great tools are in this admin console

    Bit Defender Anti-Virus

    3.This is one area that has stayed pretty static for me over the years. Virus issues, malware and otherwise, are all self-inflicted.  They require an action by you to actually happen. This is true by such a wide margin, that it isnt important to discuss the situations that happen without user input.

    With an impressive array of free tools, and solid performance in the FREE category, BitDefender is my current choice, and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of security for their PC.

    On the internet, or from an email…whatever the case…it is a mistake that usually leads to an infection. WIth that in mind, I always lean heavily towards software that is best at notifying me of things. Follow me?

    A great program that manages to annoy the user with notifications, will not be of use. We have, as a group, begun to suffer from “Terms Of Service” blindness. We click through things to get where we want to be, or away from where we don’t. Most of the time, assuming we know what we clicked closed or otherwise, in fact, ignored completely.

    I’ve been a solid fan of AVAST! both free and paid, for years. This year marks my first change in that. And by no means have I lost faith in AVAST!, I’m just trying new software, that I read about, tried, now use, and with experience, now suggest as a solution when asked.

    The team at BitDefender have a very good product, have placed at the top of the list in many different write ups and top 10 lists, both opinions, as well as benchmarked lists too. It is a great product, does not intrude, and it is my pick for regular PC Security.



    Anti-Virus Software is a highly debated, hyper-competitive and constantly changing world. As a WordPress Developer and highly experienced in my field, I have had to deal with more than the average consumer will ever see. Server side issues and attacks, and any number of different types of tricks used to get into secure places hackers want to be in.

    As long as locked doors exist, there will be people that have a driving NEED to get on the other side of that door.
    The simple truth is this: Hackers exist and they have more time and better resources than you. They will be waiting for you to slip up, and even if you don’t, you could get caught by some form of malware sooner or later. As long as locked doors exist, there will be people that have a driving NEED to get on the other side of that door. That being said, I long ago decided that I wasn’t going to take it personally, nor be judgemental about it. If you must hack, carry on, yin and yang…..night and day….each extreme in life leaves us able to see the opposite side more clearly.


    If you are just in need of some help protecting yourself from the run of the mill spammers and less sophisticated hacking, the programs I have listed are among the best free lines of defence available.

    To clarify, this is a list of 3 items used best together, they overlap in places, but together cover all the bases. I suggest all 3 be installed. Below you can click through to each of their sites, and take a look for yourself.

    Computer Maintenance

    Computer Maintenance

    For Infections & Repairs

    Real Time Defense

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