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    WordPress & HTTPS is now a MUST

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    You need SSL for WordPress RIGHT NOW

    WordPress websites will be required to have HTTPS by the end of the year. This is going to mean that certain WordPress featured will be restricted to users with HTTPS on their Hosts. API Authentication being one of the features that would benefit from SSL security and thus be restricted from HTTP sites. If you consider the API, REST, JSON and assorted and other methods for authentication that could be hit by this restriction, you are certainly facing the chance of having a site be completely stripped of the very data you wish to provide. 

    Time is up, you need to update to SSL.

    There are enormous benefits to this for you as a website owner. A large one being the 2014 algorithm update to Google and Search Rankings. This is a notable gain or loss, you will feel the bump in ranking on a well structured site. Users have been shown to be more comfortable with SSL enabled sites too. Do you need more?

    Check out the read over HERE by Semper Plugins, the makers of All In One SEO

    The data is long in, and the time is now. Contact us for help with your SSL needs. Its fast and inexpensive to handle. The gains are large.



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